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CCC HQ at Kastrupvej, Copenhagen



The early CCC HQ at Kastrupvej 124, Copenhagen.  It was CCC HQ from 1969 to 1975

As the former Rodox Trading house looked in 2016.

Rear of house as it looks today.


As the former Rodox Trading house looks today   (april 12. 2017)

as you can see the original glassdoors has been removed and is now replaced by windows.



Models before a Photo shoot at Kastrupvej anno 1970


CCC model, Lise, at Kastrupvej, anno 1974 before the photoshoot for " Lonesome Lust ".

Model 1988


The early days of CCC was also the hippie era,
so models were also smoking Hash before and under the photoshooting.

CCC model getting some Hash before photoshootibg.







Loading the CCC van with magazines